Erin Jane Nelsoid

Erin Jane Nelson | erinjanenelson [at]








Kryme Kryte
photograph on inkjet, cotton batting, acrylic, bleach, patch, gardening message boards.








ALF Lone Wolf 37096-013
photograph on inkjet, cotton batting, dishtowel, smoke, patch, silk






Twåt Ångel (with tip)
photograph on inkjet, cotton batting, dollar, paper bag, patch, silk.



Inkjet on cotton, indigo-dyed muslin, 5XL t-shirt, contents of a USB cord, silk ribbon, iron-on patch, dragon claw studs, coffee cozy, and quilt batting.

muscle with a mouth hole
cotton, tarp, frog patch, elephant patch, wool batting, Lortone 3A Rotary Rock Tumbler, Palo Alto Gravel, Brazilian Blue Apatite, fool's gold, servomotor, 2gbRAM, pink peppercorn, fresh parsley, tumbling grout, water.     

Potos (install view)
silver gelatin contact prints, colored acrylic.





Poto (Lovevol) 
silver gelatin contact print, colored acrylic.





Poto (Noh) 
silver gelatin contact print, colored acrylic.




5420 Plum
UV Printed aluminum




UV Printed aluminum












Misery, a Berri Bowl
glazed earthenware








jerked urgency, mashed acuteness, peppered sentience, nest, glazed stoneware

with Jason Benson







braised determination, tamarind, grilled triviality, glazed stoneware

with Jason Benson







tempered platitudes, shorn lunacy, dragon-claw stud, glazed earthenware


with Jason Benson





deviled honesty, tomato pincushion, boiled austerity, glazed stoneware
with Jason Benson









































Princess Loko

inkjet prints on cotton, cotton, patches, brass bullet studs, dog leash, earbuds, grommets, latex, plastic.














So Mi Like It (Raw)
conure, bike hook, retractable dog leash, hardware, woven plastic lacing, super glue, silicone bird toy, bell, glazed porcelain, natural sponges, glazed earthenware, keychain from Paris, painted lava rock, painted wooden dog, slotted spaghetti spoon, bird seed, polyurethane, catnip mouse, colored acrylic, anal beads, scented decorative stick, broken iPhone 4 with earbuds, playlist of thirteen dancehall songs, bottle-cap, silicone prostate stimulator, painted metal bird toy, sculpey bead, jalepeño, mushroom, sticky note, hard plastic prostate stimulator, painted wooden ladder, sanded brass bell, a peso, metal number, roll of $20 in Rupee, grapefruit peel, plastic bird toy, small dog figurine, and spray millet























Documentation from The Moon is a Fucking Yin-Yang
43 minute play















Documentation from Kantan an Libe Tavleau
2 hour performance